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Ruta Verde

Our Mission is to create a sustainable and regenerative future by sharing knowledge of practices that help to protect People, Progress, and the Planet.

We are a Non-Profit aimed at supporting the research for sustainable development technologies and practices. We are an indigenous-led organization, influenced by the philosophies of the Inca people that grew alongside the Andes mountains of South America. We understand that there is a deep ancestral connection between humans and the earth we inhabit. Generations of people before us understood how to live in balance with nature, and we are certain we can learn to do that again.

Ways We Help

Foggy Forest


Ruta Verde works to reforest spaces with native species. Our current efforts lie in building a Walipini Greenhouse to help grow more native tree seedlings to help in the restoration of a space that was ravaged by fires 20 years ago that has had slow recovery.

Image by shawnanggg

Adaptive and Sustainable Technologies Research

Ruta Verde works to test and bring technologies and techniques that help to bring sustainably-grown resources. For example, we work to develop and test aquaponics systems and walipini greenhouses to test their efficiency in certain climates and find room for design improvement. The knowledge obtained will be shared freely for others to develop their own sustainable systems.

Studying in Library


We believe knowledge is a wonderful for helping to create a more sustainable future. Not only do we want to share our knowledge of sustainable techniques. We are also happy to host interns that want experience with growing a new organization, learning about our connection to the Earth.

Contact Ruta Verde

Chelan, WA

(206) 488 5106

Stoney River

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