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Aquaponics in Colan

A Project for Sustainable Development

The project idea that gave birth to Ruta Verde. To refine the aquaponics systems' efficiency to work in the rural parts of Northern Peru, as a method of sustainable development.

We chose this area because it is an arid part of the country with limited water sources. Additionally, this coastal area has fish as such a crucial and cultural part of their diets, that it could help with integration of the technology into the community. 

Currently we've secured a site where we have started building our eco-technological effort. We've also met with local students and activists to promote the idea slowly as it develops.

Next steps include traveling down to Peru in 2024 to finish building the Aquaponics system. 

Cloudy Day


This page we hope to develop to include more information on Aquaponics systems. Below you will find some of our favorite resources we've used.

Below we have some pictures of our team in Peru getting the project started.

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