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Embarking on a Regenerative Journey

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Here at Ruta Verde we see humans as a part of the cycles of the world. While we differ from other creatures in some regards, we all inhabit the same home, earth. The other animals of this earth understand this - and have therefore found ways to live within the planet's cycles of life. Humans have taken steps to break away from this cycle and it is hurting us and the planet.

In an age where our planet's health is at question, we believe humans have the ability to use their energy to help heal the earth. Individually our actions are small, but together we can make larger impact. Ruta Verde was born out of colleagues and friends wanting to work together to make such an impact.

How we do that is a whole another journey of its own. Which is why we've adapted a research-based approach to our projects - which will help us capture and learn from our mistakes. Until eventually we refine the systems of our society to not only use less, but to give more.

We believe the world will improve when we stop looking at how much we can have but how much we can share. And when we stop trying to compete with each other, but start collaborating instead.

Our reforestation site in Chelan, WA. Subject to a forest fire almost twenty years ago. It is still covered with remains of a once beautiful forest. Location for our future Walipini Greenhouse which will be used to grow native tree seedlings. Our efforts will try to help the surrounding space return to its former, greener glory.

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