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Looking at the past to lead us into the future

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Ruta Verde Sustainability Nonprofit is an advocate for Indigenous cultures, with a special connection to the Indigenous Andean cultures such as the Moche, Chimú, Chavín, Nazca, and Inca to name a few. Cultures that were able to live in coexistence with one another and the environment they occupied by following the law of reciprocity called Ayni. Ayni is a concept where if you see someone who needs help, you offer to help them out, and when you need help, others will help you. Learning to live in Ayni also means being able to live in balance in your relationship to others and the earth. Ayni has many lessons that could be applied to today's post-capitalistic society, including lessons in Leadership. To help us learn how to best lead our organization in the changing future, we are looking to participate in lessons and discussions on the topic of Ayni and organizational leadership in courses offered by the Ayni School (

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