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Our Projects

Aquaponics Research and Study

The idea that gave birth to Ruta Verde's efforts. We are working to build and test out an aquaponics system in the rural town of Colan, in Northern Coastal Peru. Our system will be used to find best practices for aquaponics construction and management for family use. This information will be used to help local families to build their own aquaponic systems to help improve food security in this arid part of the world.

Hydroponic Lettuce
Image by Sebastian Unrau


With growing concerns over climate change, we want to do our part in helping out. Ruta Verde purchased a 20 acre lot in Chelan, WA where we hope to build a small-scale and low-maintenance facility to help grow native tree seedlings to help reforest the area surrounding our property that was ravaged by fires over a decade ago.

Community Development

To make a difference in the world, we have to work together. We are always looking for opportunities to partner with others for volunteering or sponsorship opportunities where our hands and our funds can help others help out too!

Community Service
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