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Our Work

Habitat Restoration

In response to the frequency of wildfires occurring worldwide, we must work actively to heal the forests we can. Ruta Verde currently manages 20 acres of space in Chelan, WA. This are is managed to create a diverse ecosystem that will support a variety of trees, shrubs, grasses, animals, and insects.


Community Engagement

Building a sustainable future will be no easy feat, but fortunately we do not have to do it alone. To expand our impact, Ruta Verde actively engages in building relationships with other Community Based Organizations. We do this through volunteer events, sponsorships, and public speaking presentations.


To create a healthier future there is a variety of skills one needs to learn such as project management, environmental sciences, and social work. To support this process, Ruta Verde works on providing informational presentations, and internship opportunities for hands-on experience.

Hydroponic Lettuce

A sustainable future requires that we find alternative ways to meet our needs. One such method is Aquaponics, a system which mimics natural nutrient cycles to help grow plants and fish while helping to conserve water. Our research is focused on finding efficient uses for these technologies in places that need it the most, places like the rural communities of northern coastal Peru. 

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