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Walipini Greenhouse

A Project to Heal our Forests

The Walipini Greenhouse has its name derived from the Aymaran language used by people in the Bolivian Andes.


This greenhouse practice uses the ground as part of the design's walls which creates an "underground" greenhouse where the soil acts as an insulator. The dirt is able to store heat throughout the day, releasing it at night. This creates an environment that is able to grow crops further into the colder times of year.


We plan to build these for use at our Reforestation Site in Chelan, WA where winters do get cold. We will test their efficiency and design optimization. We hope to use these to support the growing of native tree seedlings. Which is a decaying but necessary industry in the U.S.

Image by Sabīne Jaunzeme
Cloudy Day


This page we hope to develop to include more information on Walipini Greenhouses to share with anyone that is interested. If you have any useful information you'd like to share with our community, please email

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