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Tree Plantings

Washington State

Having a more forested world would benefit us all. So when possible, we like to help organize tree plantings in critical areas. We like to work on these events with groups in order to help more people develop the confidence to engage with Pachamama (Mother Earth). Over the years we've helped to organize tree plantings with State Parks, Nonprofits, Corporate, and Scholarly groups. If you'd like to organize a tree planting event for your group and would like assistance, let us know and we'd be happy to help!
Small and under-resourced groups can qualify for costs coverage.

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Progress thus far

Let's work together

Tree planting events are a wonderful way to get together and help out the planet. It also helps us to learn more about our relationship with plants and you can learn some skills to even be able to grow your own forests that can provide you with food, medicine, and even cleaning products. Did you know the mock orange, native to the PNW, can be used as a soap?

If you'd like to set up a planting event for your group, check out our options below, these are totally customizable and if you're working with an under-resourced group, let us know and we can see about covering or fundraising the costs. Reach us at

Trees and Mountains

Small Group Tree Planting

50 trees can be planted by a group of around 5 people within 1 hour. We do like to work on building more adequate holes and habitats for the trees through the use of basins and natural mulches. This is a skill that can help you give any tree extra comfort and support.

50 trees costs about $400
Event cost: $500 for trees, one-time supplies, and event support

Large Group Planting and Clearing Event

For larger groups, we usually have various tasks to do, from clearing a site, to prepping the planting spots, to the actual planting.  Since these events need more coordination and collaboration between groups. Reach out to us for more details on what costs might be associated with your event.

Forest Building Camping Retreat

Want to experience something more wild? Join us for a tree planting at our Chelan WA Reforestation Site. Our site is currently still undeveloped and without amenities. But it is still a beautiful space surrounded by beautiful sights. And still a short distance from Chelan. To set up an event, email us and we can work out the details.

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