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We believe that our impact can be stronger and our lives can be more enjoyable by collaborating and working together. For this reason we seek to sponsor events and community groups when possible. If you have an event coming up that needs additional funds, email us and we would be happy to try and help. Our team is small and our budget is limited but we have helped in the past and we will find ways to help again in the future. 

If you are looking to sponsor our nonprofit's programs and events, please email to discuss terms that would be reciprocal to both parties, and a sincere thank you for your consideration.


Progress thus far

Let's work together

Whether you have a community group that needs additional funds to finish that special projects of the season, or if you have an event coming up where additional funds will help make it all the better. Our sponsorship cap is $1000 and we seek to support events that promote the caring of our planet or the understanding and promotion of our Indigenous cultures.

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