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Environmental Action


How we Act

The best way to learn about the environment is by engaging with it, which is why on top of our research, our team also gets involved in environmental action! Our primary project is a 20 acre Agro-forestation project using natural practices inspired by the way Indigenous populations managed the land. But on top of this we also lend a helping hand to other nonprofits in the area to supply extra volunteer support wherever the planet needs it. We also work to manage tree plantings in our communities! If you'd like one near you, email us at and we can help you organize!


We manage our Environmental Action through certain programs. Our focus is on programs that seek to restore ecosystems, work with native plants, support low-income and BIPOC populations, or are meant to share skills. Click each one below to learn more about what we've done so far and how you could also get involved! 


In Chelan, WA our team is working to build a 20-acre Community Agro-forest so people can learn about the wonders of working with nature!

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Tree Plantings

Outside of our project site, we also work with local governments, nonprofits, and corporations to organize tree plantings. Let us know if you'd like one too!

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Even though we have our own projects to manage, we also volunteer and lend a helping hand to other small local nonprofits with limited resources!

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We also support local events through our sponsorship program, we believe that by gathering together around environmental topics we become better environmental stewards. Let us know if we can support your event!

Chelan, WA

Tel: 2064885106

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