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Habitat Restoration


What we are doing

To secure a healthier future for all, we need to build healthier ecosystems wherever we can. In order to help do our part, we are working on healing a forest in Chelan, WA that was burned down almost 20 years ago. After losing its trees, the landscape has had difficulty recovering due to increasing variations in climate. This is why our team has decided to help ou through the controlling of invasive species, maintaining tree diversity, returning forest composition to a natural state, and pruning or removing underbrush that competes with trees.
Apart from just planting trees, we must create healthier ecosystems for our fellow flora and fauna. If we are to create a healthier future, we must do so together with everyone. 

Progress so far

Let's work together

Trees and Mountains

Internship: Species Identification and Inventory

We are looking for someone to help us with plant, animal, and insect identification in the property. Our goal is to identify the interconnections between different species. This will help us find ways to better support the health of the overall system. Funding for tavel and compensation not guaranteed.

Internship: Site Development - Compost Toilet

We are looking for someone to help us develop the design and supply list necessary to build a compost toilet. We will pay for supplies. Funding for travel and compensation not guaranteed.


The restoration of this forest habitat is in its beginning stages. We'd love to partner to other community-based organizations, environmental activists, and even students on projects for how this property can be used to help in the development of a sustainable future! 

Chelan, WA

Tel: 2064885106

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