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Sustainable Practices Research


What we are doing

To help create a more sustainable future, we must find new ways of meeting our needs in more efficient ways. One such way is Aquaponics, a system that grows plants and fish while saving water use by cycling the water between two growing beds. 
We are working on bringing this technology to rural communities in Northern Peru, that already rely on fish as a staple of their diets. We are hoping to implement the technology into the local communities with environmental, economic, and cultural considerations which is why we are working with groups in Northern Peru. If you'd like to learn more about Aquaponics, please check out the resource below, provided by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.


Help us out



Your donations will help to fund the building of an aquaponics research facility that will find best practices for using native species within the system. It will also fund learning opportunities for locals and help to purchase the equipment needed for families to build their own systems.

Travel Internship: Aquaponics in Peru

Looking to work hands-on and learn the qualities of a new culture? Join our 2024 Internship Travel program and join us as we build the new research facility alongside the local community. Email your questions to, more details will come in early 2024.

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